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Strategic Advice, Sales, Business and Communication.

We know that every company is different. The culture, the people and the values that shape the approach to the business must be taken into consideration when working together.

The starting point of any project – and the key for its success – is always a deep comprehension of the client, its identity and its needs.

Our mission is to guide companies through the process of strategic change. We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by globalisation, technology and competition.

Our role is to act as a trusted advisor, providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.

Change is the only constant in business. And the pace keeps getting faster.
In 2020 a smart sensor in a store window is able, by crossing data available online, to determine sex, age, social status and preferences of the consumer looking inside and adapt the images shown to match its needs.
It’s not science-fi. It’s happening today.

We have been working side by side with our clients in several fields

• Sales and operations
• Communication
• Digital strategy
• Market expansion
• Innovation & market launch
• Revenue growth
• Cost reduction
• Customer experience
• Organization

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Addex Consulting is a boutique Sales and Marketing consulting firm that provides business advice to some of the most innovative and emerging companies in the food, digital and real estate industries.

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Working with both big and small companies, we are aware of the different needs and possibilities. Depending on the case, we offer a variety of arrangements: fixed fees on a project basis, success fees on the sales developed, a mix of the two and anything in between.

Locations: Milan and Trieste
+39 347 955 2750

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